Enchanting Forest Scents

To order one or more of these custom handmade incenses, email us and tell us exactly which one you want. Also if you have any special blend incense you would like, you are more than welcome to email us as well.... These Incense sticks and cones are all  products of Stinkin' Pretty.

To order email us: heidsforest@hotmail.com

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Amazing incenses from the darkwoods...

Have you ever wondered what the Darkwood smells like? Or how Gaels garden smells after a shower of rain? here is your chance...

DW001  Gaels Garden  - 13 sticks $4.99
DW002  The Green Man - 13 sticks $4.99
DW003  The Elderwood - 13 sticks $4.99
DW004  Darkwoods     - 13 sticks $4.99
DW005  Amergin       - 13 sticks $4.99
DW006  Cerridwen     - 13 sticks $4.99

Also we would like to introduce you to oilburner waxes.

These waxes are absolutly amazing. You put the wax in the bowl of your oil burner and put a lit tealight candle under, and soon the wax will melt and the amazing scent will fill up the room.

Choose between

SP001 French Vanilla   $3.00
SP002 Citrus Blend     $3.00
SP003 Jasmine          $3.00
SP004 Lavender         $3.00
SP005 Cucumber/Melon   $3.00
SP006 Ylang-Ylang      $3.00
SP007 SummerRain       $3.00
SP008 Violet           $3.00
SP009 Raspberry        $3.00
SP010 Blackberry/Sage  $3.00
SP011 Wisteria         $3.00

 Approx. burning time 20 hours +

                           Gael's secret garden.

Gael's Secret Garden Incense is a herbal incense, shrouded in mystery and ancient secrets just like Gael herself. 13 sticks $4.99

                              The elderwood incense

Deep inside the Darkwoods you find it. The mighty Elderwood. The story teller tree. It is a great and ancient tree.When the wind blows through the leaves you can hear its voice. Telling stories and legends of things it has seen and heard. This incense is great for long winter nights in front of the fireplace. To spread the atmosphere that will make all the old stories and fairytales come to mind so you can share them with your loved ones.        13 sticks $4.99

                             Darkwoods incense

The Darkwood... Mysterious forest, where only certain chosen ones are allowed. Where all kinds of critters and supernatural creatures roam. This incense will help you to mindtravel to the beautiful and mysterious Darkwood. Burn the incense, lay down, close your eyes and wander off. Soon you will be soaring among the trees in the dark and mysterious forest. 13 sticks $4.99

                            The greenman incense

The Greenman...Haven't we all heard the stories of him? Moving through the treetops and keeping an eye on everything that happens in the forest? Use this incense to summon him. 13 sticks $4.99

                           Amergin Incense

Amergin... Tall, dark and mysterious.The man all women dream about. That sweet and special secret fantasy you can now return to even when you are awake, just light one of these incense sticks and sit back and relax and let Amergin seduce you and take you with him into the darkwoods. 13 sticks $4.99

                           Cerridwen Incense

Beautiful, beautiful Cerridwen. Lady of the darkwoods. Hair as dark as the ravens wing. Eyes as green as emerald. Skin as pale as moonlight. Lighthearted and enchanting. Let her guide you safe through the woods and show you all the wonders of nature. You can almost sense Rua's presence when you light these sticks.   13 sticks $4.99

            Follow the Darkwood Chronicles!!!!

Read the story that inspired these incenses and see what happens as new chapters unfold in the Darkwood !


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